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Design & Development: When the development of technology followed, at the end of the 20th century, years were necessary to finish a project. This period fell to weeks in the early 21st century. Many physical tests have been disabled and the development process has been very short, especially when CAE integrated to development process.

Material: It is important to handle with the environmental impacts of the component as well as the impacts of the loads that it will be exposed to throughout its life. Mechanical knowledge must be supported by chemistry to eliminate NVH problem in bushing. The choice of materials according to the application area and boundary conditions is very critical. 

Process: YAMAS has integrated sections such as metal forming, surface cleaning, bonding, vulcanization, assembly. The harmony of all these processes is very important for perfect production. In addition to technological infrastructure, process stability is very important for elastomeric bushings used to find solutions to NVH problems.



Prototype Tool Manufacturing. The elastomer technology in the field of NVH has basically three categories of molding: Compression, Transfer and Injection. The most appropriate mold design is made considering the conditions such as the product's geometry, chemicals inside of the rubber and the production technology.

Serial Tool Manufacturing: Mold design is at least as important as product design. One of the issues to be considered when designing molds is the correct formation of the flow path of the rubber, where rubber flows in ~150°C mold plate.


Test & Validation

Test Capabilities: In development phase, it is important to consider not only the product but also the components it interacts with. Knowledge and competencies in this field huge effects on development. With the benchmarking analysis, the current situation of the product and state of Technologies are determined and they are taken as an input for specification.

Prototyping: Elastomer has viscoelastic structure, which ahs non-linear characterization. For this reason it is not so easy to make material modelling on FE studies. Therefore it is important to verify every FE analysis results with a prototype to make a correlation between virtual and real values.